Silicon Valley Chapter of STC Demographics

by Thomas Albert, Chapter Database Manager and Mike Lai, Database Analyst

Here is a profile of the membership of the Silicon Valley Chapter.
There are 1310 dues paying members; they form the core of the newsletter readership.
74% list an email address. 46% list a fax number. (We move towards an online rather than paper-based information economy.)

Only 31% receive the newsletter at a company (rather than residential) address.

The average length of membership is 5 years, but this persistence is biased thanks to a handful of members who joined between 1959 and 1968. The median is more representative of explosive growth of our industry: 50% joined AFTER December 1993. 1992 was the first year in which new members exceeded 100. 150 people joined in 1995; another 150 have already joined this year, which is not yet half over. In 1997, we are expanding at roughly 20% per year!

23% of our members list a San Jose address; 9% Mountain View, 8% Sunnyvale, 6.5% Santa Clara, 5.8% Palo Alto, 4% Cupertino, and 3.3% Fremont. Smaller rankings in order: Redwood City, Menlo Park, Milpitas and Santa Cruz.

2/3 accept having their name on lists rented to qualified advertisers.

2/3 are women (judging by a sample of first names).

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