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What do students say about Thomas Albert, instructor for U.C. Berkeley Extension?

For First Course in Java

  • The class has been fantastic and I've gotten out of it exactly what I've hoped to - mainly an understanding of the syntax of Java and a better idea of some of the more complex (though I'm sure relatively basic) functionality. Last week I went back to the Processing book I purchased (and tried to get through before the class) and everything was so much more clear. It was like being able to finally read a foreign language.

  • I gained an understanding of the fundamentals of Java. Thomas made the course fun and enjoyable. I was able to learn at a comfortable pace.

  • A good introductory course. The instructor encouraged class participation and interaction.

  • Although the backgrounds of the students in the course varied tremendously from beginners to working computer programmers, the instructor gave good, clear explanations.

  • The instructor is open, communicative, and enthusiastic.

  • The friendly atmosphere and reasonable pace is good for beginning programmers.

  • The course gave me a good, strong foundation in the basics of Java programming, especially the object-oriented aspect.

  • I recommend this course.

  • An excellent course for a beginner like me.

  • Dr. Albert was great. Very informative, approachable, and effective.

  • Very good lectures and patient with students.

  • He was willing to answer questions and was always prepared. He provided good examples and communicated well. Enthusiastic, friendly, responsive, clear.

  • Good teaching. I learned a lot.

  • Thomas was a great instructor. Please keep him. He made it fun to learn difficult subject matter.

  • I appreciate the thoroughness in conveying the basic concepts and spending much of the lecture time going over code.

For Technical Communication

  • Provides excellent feedback. This was the best use of web/e-mail media for student evaluation and course pacing I have experienced. More courses should be structured around these media. Instructor's use of projected online documents was instructive and helpful. Instructor was helpful about content, structure and desktop publishing tools.
  • Thomas really knows his subject and does a wonderful job of imparting it to his students. The seminar set up is great for getting everyone involved in the class. I've had a great deal of fun in addition to synthesizing a large amount of solid, useful information. Thomas is a real asset for the Extension.
  • Instructor was excellent. Liked the online feedback. Was quick and helpful.
  • Dr. Albert is an expert in the subject and as an instructor. Excellent use of the Internet. Frequent and thorough feedback on projects. Relaxed but professional atmosphere.
  • Very knowledgeable on real-life experiences.
  • Friend recommended this, very knowledgeable and stimulates interest in subject. Provided good learning environment
  • Very thorough, good coverage of technology landscape.
  • Projects gave context for course content, got more than expected, I thoroughly enjoyed the course, digressions and levity appreciated. Dr. Thomas Albert's teaching style is well-suited to adult learning, he recognizes and leverages the life and professional experiences students bring to their new career choice as Tech. Comm, at the same time he is frank about the styles or perspectives that do not work in Tech Writing. Thomas fosters critical thinking by posing questions and challenging assumptions, by providing a safe environment for participation, failure, differences and discovery. Thomas simulates real-world collaborating which he extends outside the classroom with generous doses of supportive email feedback. The greatest thing I learned--exemplified by Thomas' playful curiosity--is what he refers to as a "love for destroying things": I take it in reference to the fearless spirit with which to learn something new or play the catalyst for something untested (i.e., a product in beta phase). Exponential thanks! Keep up the good work.
  • The instructor is tough but he gets his points across. He provides quick and useful feedback which has improved my writing skills. His use of the internet was great and the resources he pointed out are useful.
  • Each student's project got a lot of attention. Very helpful. Online feedback very valuable.